Do Not Join Facebook group "becoming a father or a mother was thegreatest gift of my life"-Useless Warning

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Message Circulating on Facebook-
ATTENTION!!!!!!!!! do not join the group currently on facebook with the title "becoming a father or a mother was the greatest gift of my life." it is a group of pedophiles trying to access your photos, this was on fox news at 5 last night. please copy and post!!! lets keep children safe (take a minute to copy and paste).
This is not an new message, a very old one which is still circulating on social networking site Facebook,The message started circulating in the starting of 2010 and from that time the message is circulating still on Facebook with some Variations.

However When the message was started circulating on Facebook there was no Facebook group with the name "becoming a father or a mother was the greatest gift of my life",However if you will search now for the group name you will see that there are lots of group with this name,However these groups were created in the response of this circulating messages.

And the second thing is that No news was covered by Fox News regarding this as been claimed in the message,and there is no evidence to prove the claims that are being done in the message.

And the last thing is that Joining a group will not provide any special access to the admin of that group to to your profile,It just depends on your profile settings that how a user will see your profile and the same thing will apply here.

Therefore the message is an useless warning which should not be circulated.