The horribly treated Dog by Patricio Millar-Real,Hoax or Useless

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URGENT~ SHARE THIS! FIND THIS SICKO AND CONTACT THE POLICE! Like & Share to show your support. Help us to find name of this scumbag and send him in prison!! Just DISGUSTING! If you know this person contact the police asap and have them investigate and check the welfare of his dogs, arrest him and throw away the key! UPDATE~ We posted this with info following an animal abuse page on facebook posting this today asking for help from the public locating this man and bringing him to justice. In the comments below there's link to an article about this case that happened last year but it makes little sense to us If he has been charged great but we will keep the photo up to SHAME this evil man and hope that he NEVER gets hold of any pets again so keep sharing. If you have any more info on this abuse with his poor boxer dog we would love to hear about it so please message us. Thanks. 

After searching a lot about this image in which a Man is holding the Dog in his Hand and in the second image the Dog is buried Alive in a beach,We found that the image was published in December 2011 by an aspiring Policeman of Chile Patricio Millar according to an spanish news site,Most Probably the Image was shared by patricio Millar using his Facebook Profile in december 2011(Which is Disabled Now).

As the Page was in Spanish we have used translator to understand it(But still some of the lines/words were not translated accurately),Therefore we'll advise you to visit the page and read it carefully.

As the site link we have provided above have the images,the Images are most probably not Photoshopped and are real,And according to the site appropriate action already have been taken in this case by the administration,therefore as administration have already taken action against the person Patricio Millar shown in the image,So sharing such a image have no purpose Now.

However,We always advise users to not share any such image which have no credible sources,as in most of the cases you must have seen that such ways are used by lots of Facebook Pages and other social networking sites pages to get some more Fans,that doesn't means that you should doubt on everyone, we are just saying never share any image which have no credible sources.It may harm someone online reputation.
Be Responsible!