Controlling Facebook News Feed

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Facebook is one of the widely used Social Networking sites having more than 1000 Million Users.Lots of Companies,Brands and Celebrities are there to interact with their followers with the help of their profiles and Pages,And whatever they share we(Users) can see them in our news Feed Therefore it's too much important to control our News feed to get the best of the news however Facebook has there own Algorithms to Control the news feed but Facebook Has provided lots of tools to us to control the news Feed.So here in this Post we'll see how we can control our News Feed to get the best News in our news feed.

The First Tool that is Provided by Facebook is Sorting your News Feed You can sort your news feed on two bases Top Stories and Most Recent.You can find the option of Sort Just below the Box from where you share your status.

Top Stories: Top stories are ordered by how relevant they are. Relevance is based on many factors, including how long it's been since you've visited Facebook, your relationship to the person who posted the story, how many likes and comments it got, etc.
Most Recent: Stories will appear in the order they were posted.
By Default facebook has it's own way to show news however if you are logging on after llots of days then it will show News in your Newsfeed according to Top stories and if you login regularly and daily it will show on the basis of Most Recent however not necessary so it's better to select the appropriate one according to your need.

Now the Second Thing is News From Your Friends-
Whatever Your Friends Share You get it in your news feed there are two ways To control Updates from your friends-

The First one is adding the into a list you can do that by Visit Here
and the second way is by changing the Subscription type means changing the way you get Updates from Your friends-To Change the Subscription type Visit the Friends Profile and you will see the Friends Tab Just Hover the mouse there you'll see some Option the first thing is that do you want to get updates or not from your friend...if you want "Show in News Feed" s.hould be check marked if not in that case uncheck the option you can also check mark on "Get Notifications" if you want to be get notified about the updates of your friend.

Now second option is what type of updates you want to see from your friend in your Newsfeed for that Click on the settings in the above image you can see the option,clicking on setting will open a new set of option as shown below

Here you will see the options and you can select what type of updates you want to see from your friends in your newsfeed.

You Have Done,Now you can see news as you like.